Servicing & Diagnostics

Scooby Clinics servicing & diagnostics team is manned by a collection of experienced mechanical wizards utilising state of the art facilities. Each member brings brings their own special skills and a wealth of background knowledge to the clinic. What they do not know is not worth knowing, although they will hold the answers in any case.

Brands we work with

Fully Serviced

Various servicing packages available

We offer a wide range of servicing & diagnostic packages to suit all of the makes and models that we work with. To arrange an appointment or to learn more about the servicing packages we offer for your car.

Pick 'n' Mix Servicing

Simply choose what you need

Why not try our pick ’n’ mix servicing? If you prefer not to stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines, we can tailor you service items to meet your vehicle requirements. Simply choose any mixture of service items to be supplied and fitted:

  • Oil and filter

  • Race oil for tuned cars

  • Spark plugs

  • Gearbox oil change

  • Rear dif oil change

  • Brake fluid change upgrade

  • Fuel filter replacement

  • Air filter replacement

  • Alternator replacement

  • PAS/auxiliary belt replacement

  • Cam belt kits & replacement

  • Fuel pump update

Got a question?

Why not speak to a member of our experienced team or alternatively email us and we will come straight back to you.

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Own a performance vehicle that isn't a Subaru? No problem! Our clinical performance team has the experience and technical abilities to work on most performance vehicles.