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Established in 1989, Scoobyclinic has evolved to become one of the leading lights in vehicle tuning, Although Subaru is the company's specialty brand, its experienced technicians and mechanics understand all aspects of the performance car spectrum, from basic tuning and maintenance, to comprehensive rebuilds for road, race and rally, All support services engineering, dynamics, chassis and body are based on site.


Our super quick spool BILLET SC TURBO range can boost any motor up to your needs. All our race winning cars run exclusively on this turbo!

Click here to view our Turbo range online ...

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Our Blog - Last updated 05 September 2017: An island-built, SCR-proven powerhouse

Sometimes recognising the facts demands that they be ‘slam-dunked’ in front of you, states our motoring man Iain Robertson, who met the owner of what might be fairly described as the most lunatic Impreza in the UK…
Chesterfield-based vehicle tuning and remanufacturing specialist, Scoobyclinic, is tackling the issues related to nonsensical marketing, according to motoring journalist, Iain Robertson, by stating the facts.
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