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What we do

Servicing & Diagnostics

All prices are +VAT

From an oil change to a manufacturer approved full service, we offer everything for all impreza models. See our Pick 'n' Mix Servicing below or we also can carry out Manufacturer Routine Service Schedules for all Subaru models.

Our Services
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Pick 'n' Mix Servicing

(1993 - 2000)

Bug Eye
(2001 - 2002)

Blob Eye
(2003 - 2005)

Hawk Eye
(2006 - 2007)

(2008 - Now)

Why not try our pick ’n’ mix servicing. If you prefer not to stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines we can tailor you service items to meet your vehicle requirements, any mixture of service items supplied and fitted.

Individual Service Items (supplied & fitted): ex. Vat inc. VAT
Oil and filter £130 £156
Oil & filter with race oil for tuned cars
£162 £192
Spark plugs fitted PFR6B standard
£80 £96
Spark plugs fitted PFR7B uprated
£90 £108
Gearbox oil change 5 speed
£80 £96
Gearbox oil change 6 speed
£90 £108
Rear diff oil change standard WRX
Rear dif oil change STI LSD
£56.67 £68
Brake fluid change upgrading to dot 5:1
£100 £120
Fuel filter replace engine bay version only
£30 £36
Air filter, using standard paper filter
£28.50 £34.20
Air filter replace with K&N or Perrin
£49.50 £59.40
Alternator belt replace
£15.50 £18.60
PAS /auxiliary belt replace
£15.50 £18.60
Cam belt replacement *
Cambelt kit including idlers & tensioner *
Uprated fuel pump
£165 £198
* Note for cam-belt replacement:
Costs are £245.00exVAT for a cam belt change including labour, any idlers or tensioner which we may find needing replacement on the day would be on top, if it only needs one or two idlers its cheaper to add them individually at £35.00 each, if all are noisy and it needs a tensioner then we offer a full cam-belt kit with all idlers and tensioner fitted at £420.00exVAT. So, best case £245.00exVAT worst case £420.00incVAT and anywhere between the two figures

Please note all the above menu prices include labour, there will be approx £5.00 sundries on all jobs and £5.95 waste disposal charge on oil services and coolant changes.

Service products are also available to purchase separetly from our Online Shop.

Brake items (supplied & fitted): ex. Vat inc. VAT
4 pot front 295mm discs L/H & R/H
£260 £312
classic rear discs, L/H & R/H
£200 £240
WRX 01 on rear discs L/H & R/H
£300 £360
Brembo front discs
£300 £360
Brembo rear discs, L/H & R/H
£300 £360
4 pot front pads
£125 £150
classic rear pads
£100 £120
01 on WRX rear pads
£125 £150
Brembo front pads
Brembo rear pads
£145 £175
4 pot callipers exchange fitted each
£175 £210
SCR 6 pot front big brake kit
£1200 £1440
* Notes on brakes:
All front callipers have to be removed from the hub when replacing discs, its not uncommon for brembo front callipers to have seized in high tensile bolts, these can shear off and will need drilling out with cobalt drill bits and hellicoiling, this can cost around £75.00 + vat per sheared bolt

Service products are also available to purchase separetly from our Online Shop.

Brake package deals (supplied & fitted): ex. Vat inc. VAT
Discs and pads all round classic
£440 £528
Discs and pads all round 01 on WRX £530 £636
Discs and pads all round Brembo callipers
£569 £683
Sundries will be on top of all menu prices such as copper slip and brake cleaner.

Service products are also available to purchase separetly from our Online Shop.

Clutches & flywheels (supplied & fitted):
ex. Vat inc. VAT
5 speed exedy O/E clutch kit (355 BHP)
£449 £538
5 speed Competition clutch (385 BHP) £499 £598.80
5 speed exedy “pink box” (420 BHP) £595 £714
6 speed excedy O/E clutch (355 BHP) £599 £718
5 speed hawkeye WRX O/E (355 BHP)
£474 £568
6 speed competition clutch (400 BHP) £625 £750
6 speed excedy “pink box” (420 BHP)
£699 £838
5 speed lightweight billet flywheel £274 £328
6 speed lightweight billet flywheel
£323.34 £388
Spigot bearing for flywheels £15 £18
5 speed Excedy twin plate clutch
£1750 £2100
6 speed Excedy twin plate clutch £1950 £2340
Service products are also available to purchase separetly from our Online Shop.

ECU's and mapping: ex. Vat inc. VAT
Version 5 1999 cars to 2017 saloons, Ecutek re map
£550 £660
Ecutek re maps with licence already in place
£400 £480
All classics Alcatek ECU fitted & mapped
£900 £1080
01 on to 2006 blob Alcatek fitted & mapped
£1150 £1380
Syvecs ecu all years fitted & mapped
£1795 £2154
Toucan touch screen monitor fitted £600 £720
All mapping carried out on our dyno with printouts of power, torque, AFR & boost with car signed off on the road, Alcatek and Syvecs ECU's can have anti lag and launch control initiated but will need extra switches and wiring fitted at extra cost, allow £110.00 + vat for these features, Syvecs can also have multiple maps, allow a “cal” switch to be added and extra mapping time.

Suspension & handling ex. Vat inc. VAT
Pedders struts, springs & top mounts.
Pedders come as complete legs and include fitting and a geometry.
£799 £959
Tein street advance all years
£480 £576
Tein flex Z coil-overs all year.

Fitting coil over suspension is usually £275.00 + vat depending on age of vehicle, a coil over geometry set up is required afterwards, special deal price of £375.00 + vat including fitting
£660 £792
Perrin steering response kit 02-07 £380 £456
Perrin steering response kit 08-17

Positive response increases caster, hence more bite, fitting included
£344.89 £413.87
Perrin drop links front fitted
£133.34 £160
Perrin drop links rear fitted
£158.34 £190
Laser geometry set up
coil-over laser geom & ride heights
£125 £150
corner weight set up
£125 £150
Service products are also available to purchase separetly from our Online Shop.

We pride ourselves of carrying all components mentioned above in stock for all years of Impreza.

All products used are the same products we use on our race, rally, gymkhana car and the record breaking drag car, the technicians are also the same guys who designed built & maintain these cars, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Accuracy of website content and prices:
We have taken care in the preparation of the content of this website, in particular to ensure that prices quoted are correct at the time of publishing and that all goods have been fairly described. However prices are subject to change and wherever it is not possible to accept your order to buy goods of the specification and description at the price indicated we will advise you by email/telephone and offer to sell you the goods of the specification and description at the price stated in the email/telephone and will state the period for which the offer or the price remains valid.

Other make welcome

Disclaimer - Dash cam privacy policy
Our company policy is to unplug dash cameras or remove them if they have battery back up in order to abide by the UK privacy at work laws.
For more information see The Data Protection Act

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