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Tuning the STi 2.0

The 01 to 06 2.0ltr STI vehicles tune easily up to 330bhp on decent fuel such as Shell “V” power. Based on our performance pack 1, exhaust, fuel pump, cold air induction kit and a re-map they will usually achieve this figure, however the next steps start to get expensive, bhp per buck becomes less and less value for money, end result, however, is stunning .

The next step towards the 400 bhp goal is a replacement turbocharger, add something like our SC42 roller bearing, direct fit billet turbo, an up rated inlet pipe and fuel regulator you will see around 375 BHP, this tops out the inter-cooler, the next upgrade would be a FMIC, this allows us to push a little harder and we see around 385bhp, as you can see the gains per mod are getting smaller as the cost spiral ever upwards.

At this point a decision is needed regarding the engine management, standard management cannot see safely over 1.55 bar of boost and to achieve our magic 420 +bhp we need to run higher boost pressures and better boost control.

The standard management is air flow meter based and not really suitable for big power applications, we recommend a Syvecs speed density ecu, this unit does not run an air flow meter and comes with free anti lag and launch control as standard. If we now take a step backwards to the original power pack we see that an ecu re-map costs £550.00, if we add the Syvecs at this point we save money in the long run, syvecs ecu’s cost just £1695.00, fitted and mapped, less the £550.00, it actually future proofs your car ready for the big power upgrades discussed here.

With the addition of the new ecu and a set of fuel injectors your car will see around 420bhp. A long and fairly expensive road but the end result is stunning, the package has been described by another well known, award winning tuner as “insane”

You will need on top of a performance pack 1 the following:

SC42 Billet turbo: £1295.00. Labour:£200.00
Up rated inlet pipe: £225.00. Labour:£150.00
Fuel regulator with fitting’s: £225.00. Labour: £70.00
FMIC: £1150.00. Labour: £300.00
Syvecs ECU: £1795.00 Fitted and mapped
Fuel injectors (flow matched): £360.00 Exchange
Cold air induction kit: £199.00 Fitted

Special deals on the above depending on how far you go can be discussed.

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