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Scoobyclinic tuning shop? Certainly! Walk this way...

Fortunately, you do not need to walk funnily, nor make a fool of yourself at Scoobyclinic, writes Iain Robertson, because Scoobyclinic entertains all-comers and it is not make, or model dependent, most of the time.

The motor industry is full of buzz-words and acronyms, among which JIT is immensely popular. Also known as ‘Just In Time’, it is a technique introduced to save money on vehicle production lines, whereby the onus of stockholding is placed firmly at the door of sub-contract manufacturers of specific build units, such as dashboards, subframes and even suspension assemblies.

Being JIT means that the sub-manufacturing specialists carry the can, should they run out of stock. It is not a happy situation, when it does happen rarely, as the object of the exercise for the carmaker lies in keeping the lines running constantly, sometimes across overlapping three-shift working programmes.

Of course, holding stocks of anything is an expensive business. As viewers of the BBC’s ‘Dragons’ Den’ series will be aware, of a £100,000 manufacturing investment sought, anything upwards of 35% can be allocated towards ‘stock’. However, no business can afford to sit on stock items that just do not move. Apart from becoming dust-covered, sometimes even forgotten, they amount to ‘dead money’.

Scoobyclinic has a solution to stockholding that is central to its business model. It operates a Mail Order service, which, dependent on customer request, can supply items from an extensive catalogue of respected brands as speedily as within 24 hours. If prepared to wait a little longer, less costly methods of despatch are available.

The company’s central stores are located within the bowels of the business, carefully placed out of harm’s way but also securely, to ensure that it has tabs on item movements. Before popular items reach a critically low stockholding, the ordering system kicks into play and fresh stocks are delivered, according to individual manufacturer schedules.

However, the central stores at The Farm is also home to service packs and regularly requested items such as air filters, oil filters and spark-plugs, which pass through the system like water through a sieve at times. However, everything is monitored, everything is marked and bar-coded and everything needed to keep the fast-turning wheels of a premier league vehicle tuning, maintenance and repair operation spin fluently is exercised on-going to avoid snarl-ups and delays.

Scoobyclinic prides itself on having built a powerful reputation with its suppliers, key among which are firms as renowned as Perrin, Tein, Blouch, SuperPro, Pedders, Safety Devices, Bosch, Mintex, Pagid, Samco and Whiteline. They recognise the values associated with front-line service and, in some cases, have aided Scoobyclinic in the development of its SCR highly specialised parts and components.

Yet, everybody (well, almost) likes to shop and, apart from the fast-moving items, such as fuel additives, clutch-plates and brake pads, which appeal to the magpies in all of us and tend to be snapped-up upon sight, samples of which are kept in the main reception at The Farm, it is possible to visit, purchase and take items away for later applications and fittings, because that is what some customers desire.

Of course, clothing features in that and both Scoobyclinic and SCR have their own branded lines of gear, from T-shirts, Polo-shirts and beanie hats to stickers and appliques, all available at the same keen prices that make The Farm the most cost-efficient tuning shop in Britain, on either side of the equation. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask, log onto the website catalogue and feel free to shop ’til you drop, whether doing so on-line, or making the trip to The Farm, where you will be assured of a great welcome.

Words: Iain Robertson

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