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Toyota GT86 Cosworth Supercharged

Year: 2012
Mileage: 43,350
MOT: 12 month
Warranty: 3 month
Price: £19,500

You are viewing a Toyota GT86 which are made for Toyota by Subaru and as Subaru specialists we thought we had better modify one.

This car came to us as a one owner from new with just 43,000 miles on the clock FSH, finished in gleaming red, our first port of call was a power run on our dyno to see where we were starting from.

Not the 200 BHP as manufacturers claim but 180 BHP, we tested it back to back on the same day with its identical sister car, the Subaru BRZ which made the same power, after speaking with other rolling road centres such as “Surrey rolling road” they confirmed our findings and that the cars are 175 to 180 BHP from the factory when run on a dyno dynamics rolling road

That in hand time to start the upgrades, first up a miltek full exhaust was fitted at over £1000.00 + vat, this made the car sound better yet dyno runs showed it lost 10 BHP, so time to map the ECU using ecutek software we clawed back the 10 BHP and gained 10 BHP, at 190 BHP the car felt so much sharper and with the mapping along came flat foot shifting and launch control, so although not a massive gain in horse power we did gain some features and better drivability with sharper throttle response.

Time for the big upgrade, a cosworth supercharger, we looked at turbo-charging the car and at centrifugal superchargers but to maintain the linear power curve it had to be the cosworth twin screw super charger kit at £4500.00 + vat and what a great kit, by far the best on the market with its discrete charge-cooling system with pump and radiator it appears O/E equipment.

Download the cosworth map and run the car on the dyno, WOW ! 100 BHP gain and 100 Ftlbs of torque and it follows the original power curve perfectly, just amplified, hats off to the cosworth guys we couldn't better their map even live mapping.

On the road this is the car it should have been when it left the factory, plenty of go with bags of instant torque and a stunning sound track to go with it, turn off the traction control and enjoy its perfectly balanced chassis, and that is why the car is now for sale as we cannot better it, yet we just have......

With more power came more traction control kicking in, turn it off yet it still creped back on, so a rational decision was made and a year in the making we decided to work with "Syvecs" and develop a proper ecu.

Finally done the ecu runs the engine to perfection and has allowed us to add three levels of traction control all switchable via the cruise up and down button, we have "Pussy mode", "mid setting", and finally for the brave "Off" mode  and I mean off, no help from any traction control its over to you the driver.

Syvecs ecu is £2600.00 + mapping and installation + vat all adds up to
£3660.00 and yet its included in the asking price, so is the cosworth twin screw supercharger and labour.

Car comes fully serviced with a no quibble 3 months warranty direct from us, the car also has new rear tyres, matching the O/E Michelin's on the front and will come with 12 months MOT.

Cost to add upgrades was in excess of £10,000.00, add the car and you get a bargain at £19,500.00 with just 43,350 miles on the clock

Any questions, give us a call on 01246 590807, or e mail us on

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