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About us

Our Histrory

Established in 1989, Scoobyclinic has evolved over the years to become one of the leading lights in vehicle tuning. Although Subaru is the company’s speciality brand, its experienced technicians and mechanics understand all aspects of the performance car spectrum, from basic tuning and maintenance, to comprehensive rebuilds for road, race and rally. All support services, engineering, dynamics, chassis and body are based at Scoobyclinic. Its location in the Derbyshire Dales is not just attractive but is easy to access from all major routes, being almost the geographical centre of the UK. On the competition side, it has won innumerable trophies for circuit racing, sprinting and many other forms of motorsport and its unmistakably logo’d cars are regular attendees in several key championships.

Our Location

Based at Nether Farm, near Wingerworth (just south-west of Chesterfield town centre), its range of facilities is comprehensive. The premises is also private and secure, which means that specific build tasks can be undertaken away from prying eyes. Carrying a substantial stock of classic Subaru spares, including engines, transmissions and bodies, Scoobyclinic can work to the tightest of budgets, although its range of factory fresh components also means that new car builds form an important element of its total business spread.

Research & Development

Also incorporating an extensive Research & Development operation, The Engine Shed is a focal point of the company. Within a temperature and pressure-controlled environment, all engines are hand-assembled, using only the finest components, many of which have been designed and developed in-house.

A dedicated team of specialists monitors Quality Control to the highest levels. Gearboxes and differential units are also trialled and tested in the same area. Scoobyclinic has developed some of the most powerful Subaru Boxer engines ever produced in the UK and acts as a resource centre for many other tuners both in the UK and further afield.

Dyno Facilities

Checked consistently to ensure true BHP and Torque outputs, the latest grade Rolling Road is maintained in tip-top condition and operated by highly skilled technicians in the Dyno Shed. Safety of both cars and personnel is monitored at a high level. The services are extended to Clubs and Groups by special arrangements.


Of equal importance to the company’s overall attitude towards tuning is its unique relationship with SYVECS, now commonly regarded as one of the most adaptable and competent Engine and Transmission Management Systems in the world. Pat Herborn, renowned for his ‘Pat-Map’ services, is involved in constant R&D and the fitting of the units to meet all states of engine and gearbox tune.


Manned by a dedicated team of mechanical wizards, the Workshop facilities consist of several hoists, including ‘wheels-free’ types that are seldom not in full use. A hard working team, each of them brings their own special skills and wealth of background knowledge to The Farm. What they do not know, is not worth knowing, although they will hold the answers in any case.

Bodyshop & Paintshop

Dealing with repairs, repaints and fabrications on all types of vehicle, the VBRA accredited staff are renowned for producing a ‘Show Finish’ on all customers’ cars. While repaints are a speciality in any colour of the rainbow and a few extraordinary finishes besides, comprehensive repairs and even speciality builds are bread and butter to the highly skilled and meticulous team. Custom detailing is a speciality.

Car Sales

Well-versed in reproducing virtually new cars from old, fast road, race and even rally cars can be purchased at Scoobyclinic. Some of them will have endured competition mileage, while others will be immaculate road cars. Not all examples are modified, although having a few words at our Business Reception will put you on the right track.

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